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10 Ways to be a better person that cost money

    1. Donate to a good cause

    There are plenty of charities you can give money to. Yes, some might be scams or don't use the money wisely. I try and have faith you are helping in some way. Maybe don't give your money to politicians......

    2. Help a friend in need

    I had a wealthy friend once who helped another friend in need anonymously with their legal fees. They didn't want them to know, but they helped pay almost 20k in attorney fees for them. That's a true friend.

    3. Buy something for people close to you

    Just because. No special reason. Can be a trip. Could be classes for someone's children.

    4. Tip well

    @JamesAltucher used to tip in $2 bills. Tip above 20%, when you can. When someone does a great job. Waiting tables is really hard. Moving furniture is really hard. Help people out, if you can.

    5. Buy an electric toothbrush

    No purchase has been better for my hygiene than a Sonicare toothbrush and been using for about 20 years.

    6. And floss

    I would even prefer flossing over-brushing.

    7. Get a gym membership

    Or, if you can afford it, build something at your home.

    8. And/or join a sports league or pay for a class of some sort

    "Playing" something is often more enjoyable than just jogging on a treadmill. You can actually feel getting "good" at something. Which is motivating. Don't go too crazy here and lose sight of why you originally started. To have fun and get in better shape.

    9. Travel

    Make sure to meet people much different than yourself. See different viewpoints. Go to a 3rd world country.

    10. Buy books

    This is really the only thing I buy that I probably don't need. I have never regretted buying a book. I love physical books. Even if the book isn't great, it might have a beautiful cover that looks good on a shelf. You can always give books as gifts, or donate them to libraries.

    11. Invest in yourself

    Go to college. Or sign up for a course. Be an apprentice. Start a business. Buy a property. Pay some money to improve your career or financial situation.

    12. Buy decent food and cook

    Better quality food is often more expensive. One way to offset this is to buy vegetables at local markets. It's amazing how cheap they are. Cook more at home. Or buy decent food and split it with someone or have two meals.

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