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10 ways to be funnier

Thanks @wyip

This actually happens to be what I do for a living :) I make funny content for businesses.

I'd love to see this idea branched out by @roccodesta, @JamesAltucher and other people who are experienced in writing jokes!


    1. Put two seemingly unrelated ideas together

    2. Brutal honesty

    3. Say out loud what everyone is thinking in secret

    4. Be relatable

    5. Be weird

    6. Make it surprising

    7. Make it utterly absurd

    Make a potato talk. Turn an elephant into a psychiatrist. Change the laws of physics.

    8. Exaggerate as much as possible

    Whatever your idea is, how can you make it crazier?

    9. Increase the contrast

    Make the contrast between two things as strong as possible. Think of memes about powerful figures: they associate a silly idea with someone who's supposed to be the total opposite of silly. The more powerful / high status / serious the person and the more silly the idea, the better.

    10. Be vulnerable

    11. Convey an opinion you hold

    by shaping it into a joke.

    12. Help them create an image in their heads

    How can you make your joke more visual, even if you're just using words?

    13. Appear to be extremely serious

    14. Be inappropriate

    15. Use shock (reasonably)

    16. Want more tips?

    You can get more elaborate tips by email by visiting my website.

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