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10 Ways To Communicate Better

These can be applied to verbal, written, remote, local, +other, etc., kinds of communication.

    1. Wait / pause 1-2 seconds / breaths before responding.

    2. When angry, wait a minimum of 24 hours before responding - and let the other party know that's what you're doing, and why, if they are reasonably expecting a response sooner.

    Look for physical cues such as elevated heart rate, perspiration, etc.

    3. Practice 'Non-Violent Communication' techniques

    Here's a link to the life-changing book by Wayland Meyers.

    4. When communication is perceived as too infrequent by the other party, set reminder(s) to initiate more.

    5. When communication is perceived as too bland by the other party, make time to practice expressing emotions.

    This will be another list of 10 ideas!

    6. Handwrite someone a note or letter.

    This could be personal or professional; either way, it always adds a thoughtful touch.

    7. Criticize in private; praise in public.

    I've found this immensely helpful in office / managerial situations, as well as in my role as Coach on athletic teams.

    Side list: "10 Ways To Build Better Team Culture"!

    8. Be 'soft' with the person and 'hard' with the problem.

    Separate their mistake from their personality; those two things are not the same.

    9. Meditate (in any form or length that works for you) before every meeting.

    10. Leave your phone out!

    Whether it's a meal, water-cooler chat, or meeting ... don't bring it.

    11. Maintain appropriate eye contact.

    12. Study body language and flow with it.

    Some people shift their bodies in various ways as you talk to them. These can be indicators of how they would feel more comfortable and how you should position yourself in relation to them.

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