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10 ways to defeat the urge to chase "shiny objects"

So I almost got my Ads account ruined because I was moved by the screenshots I saw online from others to start another business model.

The problem wasn’t even about starting another business model entirely but jumping straight to create another account on the same platform where I get 90% of leads.

The fact is you can be successful from any business model, but you have to be consistent at it to see results.

And that’s exactly the opposite of the thinking behind chasing “shiny objects.” Its mostly about "fast results"

Here’s how Wikipedia defines it:

Shiny object syndrome is the situation where people focus undue attention on an idea that is new and trendy, yet drop this as soon as something new takes its place.

I must admit that even as I was writing this, I had five different ideas for things I could be doing or writing about.

Of course, there are serial entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, who own multibillion dollar companies, but they built each company into something substantial before putting their heads into another.

And most importantly, they created systems to hold each one in place while they invested in another.

Is "shiny object syndrome" good?

I’m thinking there are few people who have taken advantage of “shiny objects” where they’ve lost quite a bit but benefited more. I mean people you'll gladly refer to as "early adopters."

But the problem with shiny objects is how they have the potential to draw you away. Don't be surprised if you take two steps backwards chasing a shiny object for every step forward toward productivity or mastery.

10 ways to defeat the urge to chase "shiny objects"

    1. Build your foundations right

    Most of us are aware of ChatGpT and the other AIs that are taking over the internet.

    But if you want to be a better writer, would relying solely on such tools instead of practicing help you game the system or make you plain lazy?

    The biggest killer of success is "shiny object syndrome, bar none. You fail at a business model and then hop to the next shiny one, only for the cycle to repeat over and over again. Take it from someone that has fallen for this before. Pick 1 solid biz model and stay consistent - Ryan Banks

    2. Focus on the process

    All returns in life come from compound interest. You need flow and focus to get there.

    If you’re not willing to give something the time to grow into something that gives exponential rewards, why even bother.

    Consider someone who changes their copy and logos every two days and then tell me how they intend to build a successful business.

    In order to reap the rewards, of anything, you must fully commit for a long enough time.

    Instead of focusing on the next shiny object. How about reassessing your fundamentals one more time. 80% of your success is depending on it. - Vincent Beima

    3. Learn to say no

    It becomes more important when you’ve built something working for you.

    When you have nothing to lose you gotta take a lot of risks, but when you’ve built something then you need to get better at saying no – else the damages become more severe.

    I still get shiny object syndrome all the time. I just got better at saying “no” and remaining focused on one thing. - Houston Golden

    4. Anchor yourself with your "why"

    What doesn’t align with your values and goals shouldn’t be given attention to in the first place.

    When you have a partner you’re committed to – every other of sexual indulgence becomes a “shiny object.”

    Make it a habit to anchor yourself to what is important to you. This can be an object, a mantra, or even a person. When you feel distracted, you can return to this anchor and realign your focus on your goal.

    5. Aim to finish tasks

    There’s a difference between forcing yourself to finish something you hate and aiming to finish every task you indulge in.

    The latter is where I’m driving. It makes you more ruthless in making choices, as you wouldn’t want to have 10 things on your mind.

    “Creative success means balancing your love of starting things with a habit of finishing them.” Marie Forleo

    6. Test to "Embrace shiny objects"

    Test, test, test.

    This is one of the best ways to embrace shiny objects rather than “avoid it.”

    If you view life more as an experiment, where you put everything in “test mode” rather than dumping what’s presently working because others claim to have results or you really want to try it out – it’ll reward you more and you'll make fewer mistakes.

    What if your intuition is pushing you to try something else.

    The point is to test this new thing in a “low risk” way until you either want it or abandon it.

    Create a system for yourself that requires that you think before you act. Write down the pros and cons of each potential shiny object before you commit to it. Or, set a time limit for yourself to think over the decision, and if you still feel the urge to chase it after the time limit is up, then it might be worth pursuing.

    7. Take a step back

    Ditch unnecessary regret

    When you feel the urge to chase a shiny object, take a step back to gain perspective. Ask yourself if the object is really worth the effort and if it will help you reach your goal.

    What would happen if you crashed your present success level for nothing because you invested heavily in something you thought was better.

    You're likely to live to regret ever trying the new one.

    8. Eliminate greed

    One thing I’ve learned from running my own business is - Business is never just flowers and all shiny.

    The most rewards comes in tides and waves even when you’re consistent until a certain point, so don’t fall for shiny objects.

    The first time I got scammed online I found out how most times both the scammer and victim are motivated by the same values - Fear and greed. The only difference is one person is using it against the other.

    You want "free money" from your greed and someone else wants your “free money” by just proposing something "too good to be true."

    Stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Pick a business model and stick with it for 1-2 years, I promise you'll see results. Most people dabble and jump from shiny object to shiny object. - Eddy

    9. Focus on the widely important

    The key is to devote your entire energy to activities that you know will help you grow your business, avoiding distractions and shiny objects, and not trying to do too much.

    Back then, people failed because they lacked information. Today they Fail because they have information overload and fall for shiny objects every new week.

    Shiny object syndrome comes fast. Ask yourself
    1) Will this new project stop me from achieving my previously set goals?
    2) Would the investment required (time & money) be better spent on current projects? 10k on new thing = ? (likely 0) 10k on growing your current biz = 30k - Alex Berman.

    10. Set Goals

    Set shortterm and longterm goals that are tangible and achievable.

    Having clear goals to work towards will help you keep your focus and provide better direction for your decisions.

    It will also give you something to strive for, so you can stay motivated and keep from getting distracted by the shiny objects around you.

    11. Bonus point: Create an Accountability System

    Establish an accountability system with someone who will help you stay on track and avoid the temptation of shiny objects. This could be a friend, mentor, or even an online accountability group.

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