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10 Ways to Describe my Bedroom

Malcolm Gladwell talks about how it's more interesting to talk about a person's bedroom than the person themselves. It defines them better. I want to do this for 30 days for 30 different people. I am starting with me. I am slightly embarrassed but this is just where I am at in life right now.

    1. Bookshelf

    Around 30 books on a 1990s white particle board headboard bookshelf. It is next to the bed about 3 feet over because it wouldn't fit behind the bed. It is filled with used books of random history and most of them haven't been cracked open for years.

    2. Lights

    Three circular lights right next to the bed attached to the wall to use when the harsh tube lighting overhead gets to harsh and starts to wear on you.

    3. Bed

    A sea blue velour comforter with Kelly green pillow cases and fitted sheets that in no way matches but are proudly displayed.

    4. Notebooks

    A box of notebooks that have been stored since the late 90s because even back then there were ideas worth holding onto for 30 years.

    5. 1950s Dresser

    A small 1950s dresser in original form that holds socks, bras and workout clothes. A small ceramic light up globe with stars cut into it for a sense of whimsy.

    6. Art

    Not a single piece of art displayed and yet a 1950's art portfolio with personal abstract drawings overflowing.

    7. Closet

    A closet full of colorful graphic tees bought in the children's department at Target and dresses with unicorns, cactus and octopus decorating them.

    8. 1980's Dresser

    A 1980's Wooden Dresser tucked in the corner with a box of white printer paper stacked on top but no printer in sight.

    9. Wobbly Tables

    2 Vintage wobbly wooden tables that would fit perfectly in a chic country home. 1 squeezed between the full sized bed and the water meter and the other on the wall across from the bed.

    10. Blue Chair

    A small blue section of a sectional couch oddly placed in front of the bookshelf to store haphazard clothing.

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