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10 ways to fight inflation at home

Inflation is all the rage now. Everyone wants to talk about it. No one really knows what to do about it. The average person tightens their belt a little bit and looks for ways to make the smaller dollar go farther. Hopefully this list gives some common and not so common ways to fight inflation at home.

    1. Start a side hustle.

    is there a way to monetize a hobby you now spend money on? If your free time enjoyment can pay for itself, you are farther ahead.

    2. Grow a garden

    This takes a little research but is easy to get started. What fresh fruits, greens, and vegetables do you like to eat? Given your location, space, and time, what crops might grow well in your area? Compare the two lists and choose.

    3. Learn to cook

    Eating out is expensive. So is take out. Start by learning how to prepare one complete dinner. Make it once a week. You are on your way.

    4. Learn to shop

    Grocery prices are going up. And fresh produce often costs more than prepared, processed foods. But many staples cost much less.

    5. Get in shape

    Drive less, Ride, walk, row, to local businesses whenever possible. The benefits are obvious.

    6. Telecommute

    The last two years have taught us all how to work, shop, and socialize remotely. Keep it up and expand it.

    7. Consume less

    Increasing supply (by decreasing demand) will almost always decrease price.

    8. Pay attention to monetary policy

    This is very difficult for most people but actually listen to what your elected representatives are saying, and more importantly what actions they are doing on economic policy. While all politics is local, this is one area where an indivdual's or a party's vision of money can really effect things at the national level as well

    9. Burn Money

    OK, don't do that one. But taking money out of the system can have a cooling effect on an economy that is too hot. Cash saved is cash that is not circulating.

    10. Barter

    Another version of acquiring and providing goods and services without putting significant monetary pressure on the economy.

    11. I guess I cheated.

    Several items on this list are just variations on a theme of reducing consumption and/or the velocity of money.
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