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10 ways to give yourself an edge

We should always be looking for an edge. Here are ten you can start today (or maybe tomorrow)

    1. 5 am wake up

    Its a productivity supercharger, and you really will feel like you have the jump on everyone. Even better if you can train your self to do it without an alarm.

    2. Sleep better

    Sleep is crucial to recovery and development. How you feel when you are awake depends a lot on how well you sleep.

    3. Read /Network outside your field

    You simply cant know too much or too many. And you never know where next great idea or introduction will come from.

    4. Write 10 ideas

    Fairly obvious to this audience, but its shocking to see all the benefits that come from this simple practice.

    5. Create a personal Manifesto

    Write down a list of traits and characteristics of the person you would like to be. I am ........... . And read the list aloud a twice a day.

    The first time I heard this I thought it was BS as well. But trust me and give it a try.

    6. Learn a musical instrument or language

    Continued learning and practice help form new connections in your brain, strengthen nervous system links, and help prevent degenerative neurological conditions.

    7. Nightly review

    Take a moment before bed to think about the day. What happened, good and bad, what could have been done differently, and what would you like to see tomorrow. You will be surprised at how much better you sleep, and the new ideas you wake up with.

    8. Exercise

    Make health and fitness a priority. Being fitter will aid every other aspect of your life, and you cant excel at anything when you are sick.

    9. Get out of your own way

    Make a list of all the things you do that are holding you back or making you unhappy, and stop doing them.

    10. Scottish Shower

    I should have put this one first, because there nothing else like it. If you are not familiar with the practice, shower as normal, but finish with a 30 blast of cold water. Helps with circulation, immunity, well being, and just plain makes you feel great.

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