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10 Ways to Improve Chess

You seem to love chess. It's in your top 5 interests. You've been doing it for decades. How could the game be improved?

    1. Make the queen worth more.

    Currently, the queen is worth 9 pawns. Make it worth 10 pawns. This would make for more "queen sacrifices" which would be exciting to see.

    2. No castling under any circumstances

    This would make for more open play and would force players to think about how to open up their kingside (which is usually done by castling).

    Right now, with castling, a player will castle when they are ready and then they can ignore their king side for a while. With no castling, players would have to pay attention right away to their king side and figure out ways to open it up even if they don't castle.

    3. No en passant rule

    En passant means "in passing". It's a special move that can be made when a pawn makes a double step on the first two ranks and there's another pawn in front of it that could take it in passing (i.e. make the same double step).

    But what's the point? A pawn only has one goal - get all the way down the board and become a queen. So why not just let them do that instead of stopping them midway?

    I think this rule should go away because it doesn't really add anything to the game but makes things confusing for beginners trying to understand why some moves are legal and some aren't legal when both sides have equal opportunities for promotion (i.e., both sides have an extra queen but neither one can use it yet). Let players promote their pawns whenever they want so long as they reach all the way down the board. This would also eliminate other complications like zugzwang (where you lose because your opponent has an opportunity to make an infinite check but you can't do anything about it because you're in check). Zugzwang is always confusing for beginners trying to understand chess rules so eliminating en passant would eliminate zugzwang as well.

    Now, maybe I'm wrong about all this but I feel like these changes might actually improve chess slightly because there'd be less confusion over basic rules and more focus on actual strategy during games.
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