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10 ways to improve circadian rhythms

prompted by james from another list i did.

    1. Wake up at the same time daily

    best way to get in rhythm biologically is also the best way to get and stick to any routine. Structure and repeat.

    2. Go "Dark Mode" after sunset.

    No tv, computers, or any electronic screens after the sun goes down. They emit light the same wavelength at the sun. This will trick your body into postponing your natural wind down process thinking its still daytime when its not.

    3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    If I do need to be screen active after dark (say winter months when its dark at 4 and its just not practical to be offline that long, where blue light blocking glasses to prevent those things from tricking your mind ino thinking its still daylight out.

    4. Get sun within 30 mins of waking up

    Get the body in the sun right after you get up. This gets the rhythms going and tells your body its time to start it all up for the day.

    5. Practice Grounding

    Bare feet on the earth, gets your body connected to the earths fields and helps (they say) with keeping you in tune with earths natural day/light cycles.

    6. Grounding sheets

    Get grounding sheets for the bed. Helps with both releasing built up bad energy from wifi and electronics that we endure during the day. Also helps with circadian rhythm and keeping you on earths day/night schedule.

    7. Forest Bathing

    Get out in nature once a day and connect. Hike/walk in nature trails, expel some energy and gets you in sunlight for vitamin D which helps with day/night cycles.

    8. Go to bed same time every day

    Don't let your evenings be the bane of your morning's existence. Good habits and routines are an all encompassing mission. Don't get lazy at night.

    9. No alcohol after 8pm

    I don't drink much anyways, but the sugars can throw off your sleep quality and as a result throw your whole routine out of whack.

    10. No deserts/ evening sugar intake

    Same as with alcohol, evening sugar intake can mess up sleep cycles and sleep quality, plus its the worst time to consume from a weight gain perspective.
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