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10 ways to listen podcast effectively.

    1. Try to listen them in the morning walk because you are more focused then and also your other sences are also actives.

    2. I will recommend listening to podcasts while cycling 🚴‍♀️ because this will help in your physical and mental health.

    3. I think the kind of podcast you listen also matter , where you should listen them . Like if you are listening a normal conversation between two people in your native language then you can listen these conversations anytime and anywhere.

    Whereas., if you are listening some serious talk regarding your career or for any other educational purpose then you must be gjve your full attention to that particular things otherwise you will miss it .

    therefore , it's very important for you to choose your environment accordingly what you are listening. Although I never did it✌️

    4. We travel these day lot and listening to music after a certain period of time become boring, wether it’s in bus, train or aero plain, therefore, listening to some light podcast would be fun and productive at the same time.


    5. Lunch break and before going to sleep are some of the factor which help us , reduce stress and getting as good sleep while listening others😊

    6. Gym. I don’t know kther but I joined the gym recently and i think there comes a time when you bore from listening loud music which don’t motivate you at all . So listening to some wild podcasting that time is very crucial for your well-bei

    7. While scrolling through social media, i think lot of us found ourselves in a situation where we felt lonely and desperate for attention. I think , it’s very important that we feel like an tribe and community therefore try to listen podcast

    8. Doing household chores. Most of our time were spent in doing small house chores and after a period of time , we found ourselves in a lost situation where we losse all our time doing notifications productive for our mental health.

    9. While pooing . I knew it’s sound wired but it’s could fun through imagine you are there doing poo in just 4 minutes but you find the podcast so interesting that you were there untill the podcast end😅

    10. While driving your car. I knew ,it’s quite normal .That’s why I mentioned in the end . But the best advice is that whenever you found it’s convenient and fun then listen to it .

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