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10 Ways to Lose Those Last Stubborn Five Pounds

Typically I'm a pretty lean 145-150 pounds, but ever since I got injured last September, and once again a few weeks ago, I haven't been able to consistently do my daily runs - and, in turn, the pounds have slowly caught up with me. At my peak, I was at 165, but I've got it down to 155 now. Yet, I'm struggling to lose those last five. What to do?

    1. Start running again.

    Actually, I can't do that right now. I'm in the process of healing pernicious chronic left ankle and heel injuries. But, running is usually all I need to do to stay lean. My aim is to be healed sometime in March and then start running again.

    2. Drop my daily carbs intake to 200.

    Since I'm not running, I don't need the carbs as much. I have cut some, but I still probably take in more than I need (certainly more than 200/day).

    3. Skip breakfast.

    I love breakfast. This is fine when I'm running, as I run in a fasted state and then come home to eat a good post-workout meal. But, I really don't need it right now. I could fast until lunchtime.

    4. Do more strength training.

    I strength train every day but I don't go to a gym. I do bodyweight exercises with a bit of dumbbell work mixed in. There is a gym less than a mile from my house that I could go to for at least the short term so I can do more serious strength training.

    5. Drink at least three liters of water a day.

    Again, this is not a problem when I'm running, but now that I'm not I feel myself falling off my daily water intake. I just need to dial it up a bit.

    6. Don't eat dinner less than two hours before going to sleep.

    I find when I do the food just sits in my stomach and I'm more bloated in the morning. Bloat and actual body fat may not be related, but I do wonder if those calories don't burn as quickly when I'm asleep as they do when I'm awake and active.

    7. Skip my weekly cheat day.

    Saturday is my cheat day, which usually aligns with my longest run of the week, so tearing up a huge bacon cheeseburger and a dessert works out just fine. But now, that's just extra calories I have to figure out how to burn off. For the short term, skip cheat days and eat clean all the time.

    8. Eat a mixed green salad with protein for every dinner.

    I actually just started this, mixed greens with grilled chicken and extra virgin olive oil every night. I think this will help.

    9. Start walking to my local coffee shop.

    I mean, it's eight-tenths of a mile from my house, yet I still drive there each day. That's just lazy. My ankle is healed enough that I can walk that far.

    10. Stop worrying about it.

    I mean, it's five pounds. It's not going to kill me. If I keep doing the right things, it'll eventually go away.

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