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10 Ways to Lose Weight

I would be sharing the 10 best secrets of loosing weight. Though, I have shared it with enough people and after reading out them you might realize that they are general and not mine. Believe me, I have taken out each point of this list from my mind which is the genesys of these ideas and all such people who are terming as general must have read one of the copy shared by few pupils who decided to share this knowledge across websites. With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. Just use these 10 powers judiciously and you might be able to achieve a fit body in no time soon. Here are your 10 powers to reduce the weight.

    1. Level up your routine.

    If you are walking, start running, If you were running and still keeping weights, start body weights.

    2. Think of yourself as loosing weight. Everything is in mind.

    3. Go to poop for more than once a day. You would be loosing more weight.

    4. Have honey with lemon, this helps in cutting out the extra fat faster.

    5. Instead of normal water, start having hot water. Hot water will helps in releasing any constipation, gas you might developed during weight gain.

    6. Do stretching on a regular basis.

    7. Stop having outside food, processed food.

    8. Have pro-biotic, helps in making intestine fit and you might find it healthier to loose weight.

    9. Go for a walk after each meal. If no burps then start faking it.

    10. Stop having water after meal, start having water 30min. before meal. Loose Weight and Stay Calm

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