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10 ways to monetize cats

+ 5 from the AI.

My girlfriend told me about a balcony that's full of cats, and I thought about the fact that she's obsessed with cats, which led me to think: How could one monetize cats?

Some of these might be unethical; I'm just exercising my muscle!

10 ways to monetize cats

    1. Paint cat portraits

    2. Cat photographer

    Both portrait photography and street photography. I've just googled it, and sure enough, "Felines of New York" is a thing.

    3. Cat therapist

    Pretty sure this is a thing.

    4. Rent-a-cat

    5. Make people pay to pet cats

    Like in Tiger King, but less extreme.

    6. Cat zoo

    7. Make a TikTok channel about your cat

    8. Write poems or songs about people's cats

    9. Make sculptures of people's cats

    10. Make a movie about cats, or hire a cat to be the main character of a movie

    There's a documentary film about cats on Netflix. And I remember watching a live-action movie with dogs as the main characters when I was a kid.

    11. Create a cat themed merchandise line

    This could include things like tshirts, mugs, keychains, and tote bags, all featuring different cat designs.

    12. Start a cat sitting business

    This could involve providing inhome care for people's cats while they're away on vacation or business trips.

    13. Create a cat themed subscription box

    This could be a monthly box that includes things like toys, treats, and other catrelated items.

    14. Open a cat cafe

    This could be a cafe where people can come to drink coffee and tea and interact with adoptable cats.

    15. Create a cat themed blog or YouTube channel

    This could involve sharing photos and videos of cats, as well as writing about cat care and news stories related to cats.

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