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10 Ways to Squelch an Anxious Mind, Body, and/or Spirit

Some of these you might know, some of these you might not. Context is key, I could riff on each for an hour + but this is NotePD.
Enjoy, if you want more context or support in these areas, LMK.

    1. Perform Breathwork and Practice Daily

    Try Andrew Weil's highly recommended and researched 4-7-8 breath or one I started with as 3-6-9.
    Numbers = seconds counted. Breathe in through the nose - hold - breathe out slowly through the mouth.
    Ex. 4-in, 7-hold, 8-out

    2. Meditation

    Pretty self-explanatory. Practiced since humans have existed for many different reasons. Many options to try. I enjoy Walking Meditation in Nature by myself. Try out your own. Not all of us can sit still in silence to begin our meditation journey, but it might be a good place for you to grow into to support your health. Check out any of the awesome meditation apps, playlists, and guided meditations anywhere online.
    Ex. 10 Percent Happier, Calm, Headspace, Unplug, etc.

    3. Hot Sauna / Cold Shower / Cold Plunge

    Shocking the body through temperature changes can be helpful to revitalize and reset for different reasons.
    Context is key here, so be mindful of what you're capable of & what would actually help you.

    4. Sleep - seriously... SLEEP

    Critical to health and stability - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially, etc. but often overlooked or misunderstood. If you're chronic insomniac, work with a sleep/health coach to figure out new ways to help. Good quality sleep helps us in so many ways. Just think about a child.. we're all big babies. We all need sleep. Honor your honest human needs

    5. Float Tank / Desensitization Chamber

    Kinda new, kinda weird, kinda crazy what testimonials I've heard from folks, especially those who struggle with OCD, ADD, ADHD tendencies.
    Many people say they actually go to sleep within minutes and sleep better than they have in months while in the tank. Others say they do their best creative thinking inside the tank. Check it out in your local area if it sounds like something you might be interested in.
    Bonus - may support someone working through therapy/trauma in their life.

    6. Simplify Your Life #MarieKondo

    3 Outfits. 3 Meals/day and 3 different kinds of meals per week. Limit analysis paralysis, reduce brain drain decision exhaustion. Apply the lessons of MarieKondo to your life in multiple ways for temporary trial of 2-3 weeks. See what sticks, see what feels too difficult. Adapt accordingly.

    7. Exercise

    Whatever feels good to you, do it., Swimming, cycling, running, lifting, rowing, and other full body exercises help improve blood and lymph flow, and most people find it improves their mental and emotional health as well. + We feel positive reinforcement, achievement, and progress in these activities the more we get involved. You can also consider dancing, walking, yoga and other activities.

    8. Fasting (within healthful context)

    Used throughout history for breakthrough moments, insight and understanding, working through trauma, emotional release, grieving, and facing inner fears. Work with a coach or trusted program in order to make sure you honor your health in the process and work through what you may discover inside along the way.

    9. Eat Well

    I can't tell you how many mental health issues are directly related to nutrition but all of them are undoubtedly influenced by the food we eat. Most Americans for example eat tons of ultra-processed junk foods and lead our lives being nutrient deficient. And we have loads of research connecting nutrient starvations to mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other topics within mental health as well, such as ADHD. Honoring your human biology by eating what the planet makes, and not what is made in a factory is a good place to start. Eat Real Food, lots of colors, lots of diversity, and prioritize quality when it comes to fats and proteins. Everyone is different and no diet dogma is perfect for everyone for all of their lifespan and health span. Wanna learn more, read up on the relationships between Food & Mood, Nutritional Psychiatry and related topics.

    10. Stop Watching The News

    "No news is good news," by high school government teacher used to say. Most modern news televisions today offer up a lot of heated debates, flagrant emotional outbursts and opinions about the day's events. If you're struggling mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it's likely these common news outlets are not going to be supportive to your health needs going forward. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to leave the toxic influences around us that are damaging ourselves and our cells on the daily. Honor, nourish, love yourself deeply. Spend more time with people who love you and less time with companies who ravish your attention and fire your amygdala.

    11. BONUS: Read/Listen to a Good Book

    "Choose Yourself" is a great place to start.
    Or read some poems by Emily Dickinson or William Wordsworth
    Listen to "Revelation" by Russell Brand
    Visit your local library and read children's books you used to like as a kid.

    12. BONUS: Write the Book You Wish You Had Read _ x _ Months Ago

    Save yourself by saving others.

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