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10 ways to turn off work when you're done for the day

    1. Schedule social time at 4:30 PM on a Friday

    Bonus, it means you are super productive because you want to get to your social event.

    2. Turn off notifications on your phone

    Don't even look at your phone after work (if it's a work phone). Don't look at work emails.

    3. Set up a rule inside your email client to not send you any emails after a specific time on Friday

    4. Get in a really hard workout

    Hard to think about other things when you're trying to catch your breath

    5. Leave your phone in another room

    6. Have a separate 'work space' and 'home space'

    7. Wash your hands

    I read somewhere that prison guards who wash their hands after work tend to be less stressed. The act of washing your hands helps to give you a boundary of when work begins and when home begins.

    8. Set your intention

    9. Get away for the weekend

    10. Throw away your laptop

    Don't throw away your laptop literally. But you could ask someone to setup a password so you can't get in.

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