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10 Ways To Use 10-Idea Lists in 2023

2023 is the year to take idealists to the next level. I am planning to use 10 idea lists with my teams.

What we focus on expands. So I plan to use 10 idealists to improve our operations, hiring process, etc.

We can use them for premortems, and postmortems, as checklists, team tenets, etc.

10 Ways To Use 10-Idea Lists in 2023

    1. 10 Attributes of The A-Team

    It needs to be clear to teams and team leads what it means to be in or lead an A-Team.

    2. 10 Principles or Tenets to Help the Team Make Better Decisions

    3. 10 Learnings from Past Projects/Failures

    4. 10 Biases Interviewers Should Be Aware of When Interviewing Candidates

    We tend to like people who share similarities with us. Making sure we are aware of cognitive biases will help the team make better decisions and form less biased opinions.

    5. 10 Red Flags Why We Should Not Hire A Person

    To remove biases

    6. 10 Ways to Improve a Process and its Outcome

    7. 10 Clear Examples Depicting Each Of our Core Values

    What does it really mean to be customer-centric, deliver excellence, etc.? People should know the values intimately.

    8. 10 Clear Examples of Frugality - Doing More with Less

    We automate as much as we can, but we should spend on learning :)

    9. 10 Situations When A Meeting is a Waste of Time For Everyone

    Meetings are costly. So we make sure we only have them when the cost of not having them, which may delay a decision, is more than having them :) But I do like some type of meetings :)

    10. 10 Books Every Team Lead Should Read

    11. 10 Questions Directors Should Ask Themselves At the Start of Each Month

    12. 10 Things If We Do NOT DO Now We will Loose Edge, Market share, Customer, etc.

    13. And the list goes on!

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