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10 What-If Ideas / Questions For a Mental Workout

Sunday muse. Maybe can be turned into challenges.


    1. What if you were the president? What are the top 10 executive orders you would sign or decisions you would implement?

    2. What if you woke up one day 10 years younger? What are 10 things you would change or not do?

    3. What if you were the dean of the university where you studied? What 10 courses would you remove, and 10 would you add to the curriculum?

    4. What if you were the host of a late show for 10 days? Who would you invite for each night?

    5. What if you were in The Matrix, what 10 skills or capabilities will you download to your brain?

    6. What if tomorrow never comes, will she know how much you loved her? What are 10 things you have done for her to know how much you loved her?

    7. What if you had a wand and could only use 10 charms/spells? What will they be?

    8. What if you could move at the speed of light for an hour? Where will you go or what will you do?

    9. What if you went back in time to the start of Covid? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

    10. What if you can work for any company and position you want? What are your top 10 companies, and what position or role would you choose?

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