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12 Ways to Cultivate Focus

    1. Social Media Breaks

    Deactivate FB, clear the apps off your phone, stay off social media

    2. Don't Read/Watch the News

    It'll just make you anxious and give you a master class in the things that you cannot control.

    3. Reduce Overall Screen Time

    Read a book instead of watching TV at the end of the night.

    4. Work On Improving Attention Span

    See how long you can stay engaged in a conversation. See how long you can stay engaged in a book without checking your phone or calling someone.

    5. Breathwork/Meditation

    Both can help you to increase focus during stressful times.

    6. Use Only The Tabs You Need

    Having dozens of tabs/multiple windows of your internet browser only confuses things.

    7. Listen Only to Music You're Familiar With (Or none at all)

    Music that I know well can provide familiarity and keep me concentrated on the task at hand.

    8. Clean Up My Environment

    It's really hard to concentrate on work when my apartment is messy.

    9. A Change of Place + a Change of Pace = a Change In Perspective

    Sometimes I need to get out of my apartment. Sometimes I need to think about the big picture. Sometimes I need to turn the dial down from an 11. (Credit goes to the pastor of a church I used to attend for the above phrase.)

    10. One Thing at a Time. Resist the Urge to Multitask.

    Starting every project at once is a bad idea. Focus on one thing. Get it done and get it done well. Then move on to the next.

    11. Schedule Email or Social Media Checks

    If you give yourself a chance to check it periodically throughout the day, the urge to check it NOW is easier to control.

    12. Try the Pomodoro Technique

    25 minutes on. 10 minutes of relaxed break. Repeat.

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