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15 point blog writing process


    1. The Idea: contrarian or unusual insight

    I tend to approach a blog article from a contrarian or unique perspective. The best writers have a way of approaching a topic from an angle you would not consider. I find too much content that is just a copy of a copy of a copy.

    There is a trade-off when aiming to write unique creative content; it takes time and you can't schedule it. This approach differs from the endless content churn you see on social media. You are almost expected to push out content to stay relevant these days.

    I might get an idea while reading a book, showering or when I wake up or am about to fall asleep. Ideas seem to have a life of their own.

    2. Write randomly without structure

    I write what is on my mind, any random string of thoughts. I don't place any structure on it.

    3. AI: GPT-4, Bard, Claude to generate ideas supporting my thesis add it on to the text

    I likely missed out on critical points that could support my proposition, so why not get some extra help.

    4. Edit: Remove anything superfluous information

    I eliminate any paragraphs or ideas that do not contribute to the strength of the blog or are redundant. Though some may sound interesting, they must have a logical fit to remain.

    5. AI: Create a outline from my messy draft

    6. AI: Run first draft through

    Use the outline to generate a blog article of 500 to 1000 words

    7. Add quotes, evidence, sourcing to increase persuasive impact

    8. Add visualization and diagrams to enhance comprehension

    9. Edit the noise

    GPT-4 tends to hallucinate, so you have to comb through the text so it doesn't say something ridiculous

    10. AI: Generate counter arguments and ideate the most cynical roasting of your ideas

    If your blog gains any prominence and people like it. You can almost guarantee that some people will take the most negative, out-of-the-box misinterpretation of your words. Better to be prepared for it.

    Social media critics have turned cynism into high art.

    11. Incorporate responses to counter arguments and up front caveats

    12. AI: Pick an image for my blog, heading and subheading

    13. Make sure the introduction and conclusion are compelling

    No one will read your blog unless you catch their attention with the heading and first paragraph. Readers are fickle and their time is limited.

    14. AI: Run the draft through for a grammar, spelling and readability check

    15. Final Read

    I use a tool called Speechify to read my text out loud in the voice of David Attenborough.

    16. Post

    Post your article and obsess over things you realize you should have added after the fact

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