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20 things I learned from 40 Ways to use QR codes in Mobile Marketing by Joan Mullally

Although written in 2011 this is still a useful quick read

    1. Give a lot of thought to your landing page

    What is the purpose of using the QR code? What would someone on a cell phone want to do next?

    2. Put QR codes in a paper book

    When I read paper books, which is less often these days, urls are usually just links: why not use a wr code instead?  Although I think that my current phone will "click" on a test link using OCR

    3. Use them on coupons and mailers

    4. Sports arena signage: on seats

    Scan a QR code attached to your seat to order a popcorn/beer to your seat!

    5. Sports signage on Jumbotron

    Scan here to vote for choice A or B: can do the same thing on  tv

    6. Real estate signage and business cards

    7. Retail businesses should have a QR code that goes to their google maps page

    At the time of this writing (2012) Google would send you the QR code at no charge (if you did not know how to generate one)

    8. Links to mobile friendly surveys for any purpose

    9. Create a mobile scavenger hunt

    This could be fun!

    10. Trade show materials: links to schedules and presenter bios

    11. Car and boat shows

    Car history with photos 

    12. Nutrition information stickers for items like produce or meat that don’t have space for a large label

    13. Cooking instructions for food or assembly videos for furniture

    14. On movie posters

    Links to trailers or to buy tickets 

    15. Live music shows

    Links to merch or other stuff about the band

    16. Bus and train schedules

    Can link to tracking information 

    17. Link to portfolios of work

    This is for anyone that has a truck or sign or piece of paper where they are working

    18. Instructions for repair or restocking on vehicles

    For example QR codes on a fire truck or ambulance that lets you order supplies, links to repair instructions for airplanes and ships

    19. Scan QR to donate to charity or leave a tip

    20. Conference badges

    21. Family and school reunions

    22. Group tours: for information and identification of participants

    23. Guided tours: in a house, museum or city

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