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20 Things That Cause An Erratic Emotional Life

It may seem hopeless, but don't take it seriously.

    1. You're a slave to the different selfs within you body

    2. You fail to see that your ideas and beliefs are often in conflict.

    3. You fail to see that most of your ideas have been planted by someone who was very invested in their own agenda.

    4. You do not know where most of your thoughts come from.

    5. You fail to see that your thoughts (see above) generate feelings and emotions.

    6. You often contradict yourself the same day.

    7. You fail to see The One Self united with the Creator is the only thing worth craving

    8. You believe you have to suffer and you don't realize that you cannot be - what you are not -but what you are is- Infinity in the Mind of God.

    9. You fail to see that all the things you pursue are filled with imperfections.

    10. You believe Creator and Creation can be separate.

    11. You do not understand that all of us are living in a hallucinated state of mind.

    12. You believe your hallucination can change what is so.

    13. You believe your hallucination can change the FACTS!

    14. You don't realize the only "Real Goal " is to get yourself out of the hallucinated state and back to what is ' really going on.

    15. You don't realize that there is a lot more going on besides your hallucinations.

    16. You fail to see that God's Plan is still resting in your mind but you try and cover it up with your own agenda.

    17. You fail to see that you have ample opportunities to let go of your guilt and grievances but fail to do so.

    18. You fail to see that me and you and you and me - We The Same

    19. You've yet to embrace the mantra "What's Better Than Eternity?"

    20. You fail to see that your hallucinations, although powerful for you, haven't changed a thing.

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