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2023 Investments

Here are the top 10 investments I'm most excited about in 2023

    1. Cannabis

    I'm not a smoker. I've never smoked in my life. But I think the idea that marijuana is a "gateway drug" and leads to other drugs is a myth.

    Marijuana is an anti-anxiety drug. It's used for PTSD, it's used for anxiety, it's used for pain (it has many of the same benefits as opioids but without the side effects).

    It's also an anti-aging drug. It reduces wrinkles and improves sleep. And there are plenty of other benefits as well (like reducing seizures).

    So I think legalization will increase the use of marijuana dramatically and this will be a multi-billion dollar industry within 10 years.

    The companies I like investing in are:
    A) The Green Organic Dutchman
    B) Tikun Olam (the first company to grow medical marijuana in Israel - they are now traded on Nasdaq)
    C) Canopy Growth (largest grower of legal cannabis in Canada). They recently went public on NYSE but you can still buy them on OTCQX or via Canopy Rivers which invests in their companies before they go public. They just bought one company for $300 million so expect their earnings to triple soon.
    D) Acuity Brands makes lighting systems for indoor growing of cannabis plants and they are expanding rapidly because of increased demand from the new states that have legalized it recently (Michigan recently legalized recreational use). Acuity also trades on Nasdaq but you can buy it via OTCQX as well.

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