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3 Morning Habits that Block Your Flow.


The worst for productivity breakfast for most people: energy roller-coaster, anxiety and brain fog on your plate. I'd call it "get back to sleep" breakfast - cause there's nothing else you'll be able to do.

With all the protocols I always love to go into specific details because that’s what life is - details. We have so much generic advice, that’s a good advice but without specific, applied-to-life how-to guidelines it’s almost useless. It’s like saying - well, eat healthily and everything gonna be ok with your diet, but what does it actually mean in a person’s life?

Yesterday, in the post HERE, we talked about more general guidelines for lifestyle and nutrition that get in the way of flow state. Today, I’d like to write about 3 more specific mistakes that I see a lot of people do, that don’t allow people to be as productive as they can be, in flow state or just a focused state.


    Coffee, caffeine specifically raises stress hormones and given the “right” dosage increases anxiety in people. Caffeine 450mg and above (a little bit more than a Starbucks venti drink) - is used in the studies to consistently induce anxiety. Anytime our anxiety levels are high it’s very hard to concentrate and impossible to get into flow.

    My brain is very sensitive to caffeine so when I make my coffee at home I only use 1 spoon of caffeinated coffee in my 4-cup coffee maker and the rest 3 are decaf.

    If I get something in a coffee house I ask for one espresso shot diluted with hot water.


    Processed, especially liquid, carbohydrates (yes, even fresh juice or smoothies) will spike and crash your blood sugar, cause rapid fluctuations in the blood sugar that will induce anxiety, release cortisol and raise stress levels, making your energy levels go all over the place - the result is no focus or flow.

    So instead of sugar in your drinks, bread and pastries for breakfast go for whole grains, oatmeal, whole beans, unsweetened drinks, something with protein, some whole fruit. You can also use non-nutritive sweeteners like Stevia in coffee and tea.


    Even light sleep deprivation will cause elevated cortisol, poor blood sugar control, increased inflammatory reactions, increased anxiety and moodiness, low levels of key flow brain molecules like dopamine and serotonin, as a result we get no consistent focus or flow.

    I personally always ask myself before going with the urge to watch a late-night movie or consuming something, “Will it make me as productive, creative, energetic as I need to be this/the next morning?” If the answer is no, I remind myself of my priorities and then make a final decision.

    What’s more important to you❓ Act accordingly.

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