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3D Printing and Robotics

Biggest problem with 3d printing? Mobility. Scale. The answer? Mobile 3d printing robots.

The idea sex between 3d printing and robotics would usher in a new breed of Architectural Design and would reduce the pitfalls of current 3d printing warehouses.

    1. Terraforming on Mars

    We could terraform Mars if we sent a mobile 3d printing unit that had instructions to print shelters before we sent humans.

    2. Build Levees

    Quickly build levees as a response to tsunamis

    3. Safe Skyscraper builds

    4. Build manless defense structures in war zones

    5. Build Cruiseships

    traditional 3d printing houses cannot handle the sheer size of a cruise ship build, but a robotic 3d printer could. And yes, you can 3d print fiberglass.

    6. Build structures in difficult terrains, like mountains

    This requires a "smart" robot that has the ability to scan the terrain and auto-level.

    7. Fighter Jets

    I imagine that the US DoD could print 100 fighter jets for the cost of a traditional build, and that they would be lighter in weight and reduce fuel costs and necessary docking for refuels.

    8. Underwater Structures

    Machines don't need to breathe. 3d Marine Robotics printing underswater structures could augment loss of barrier reef habitats.

    9. Space Shuttles

    Space Shuttles for NASA, Space shuttles for Virgin— either way a 3d Printing Robot would likely reduce costs tremendously and make the builds better.

    10. The Hyperloop

    It's estimated that one mile of Hyperloop would cost roughly 1m. However, I expect that with the help of a mobile 3d printing robot, it could improve these costs.

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