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4 reasons why I will (work) until my last day even if I am financially independent?

I will work until my last day. This has become a given for me.

I've left a corporate career and am embracing a new one as a "solopreneur".


    1. I've always been attracted to financial independence for what it offers

    Freedom to do what I want without financial pressure, but I'm not/no longer attracted to the pure retirement part.

    2. There are no miracle solutions for everyone.

    The choices are individual and situational. It's not either/or...it can also be a package at different times in your life.

    I loved my executive career until the last day. I met some amazing people, learned a lot, and grew...But I couldn't see myself continuing for another 20 years.

    And this is where financial independence comes in.

    3. If I didn't have financial security

    I would have jumped at the first job and continued my executive career.

    Financial independence allowed me to create a context to unleash my creativity.

    In doing so, I found what makes me tick and will likely do so until my last day.

    4. Striving to become the best version of myself and helping people who share that desire.

    Writing and coaching are my vehicles.

    They fulfill me intellectually and make me meet incredible people.

    Add autonomy and freedom. I manage my schedule and the people I work with.

    Given that, why stop...

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