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5 ideas on where we will be in 5 years

I'm often thinking about where we are heading. So I thought I'd jot down some ideas and predictions today and then see how well it tracks to reality down the road. 

    1. Ads kill free content in the internet

    Is it me or does every content site constantly interrupt my reading with obnoxious ads and splash screens and offers I don't want? Subscriptions overvalue the content so I don't want to pay that much for a little info to satisfy my curiosity. I think eventually most sites will be fee based. And use volume will do down. And with it Ad revenue. Advertising goes where the people are and I think frustration with the free internet will drive people away. 

    2. Adventure hobbies

    Connected to my 1st idea. We will seek more activity and fun in the real world and it is free. There is no fee to take a hike. More people are already heading outdoors and that trend will accelerate. After restrictions and confinement of COVID energy will move outside. Hiking, kayaking, climbing, camping will be more interesting than gaming. Outdoors will bring people the adventures they crave and it will be real. 

    3. Colleges decrease in number.

    College has become unaffordable and students accustomed to having a world of information at their fingertips do not see the value of it. Colleges that can tear down their ivory towers and adapt to the new generation will remain but others rooted in the rigid thinking of the past and uninterested in working toward the future will close. 

    4. Hybrid work models remain

    I'm at home and I like it. I'm not going back to the office except periodically unless the company makes it worthwhile. White collar workers will go where the work-life balance is. And it is not in the office anymore. 

    5. Healthcare remains a complex mess

    Despite the interest in fixing it, healthcare is too complex here in the US. A fix will generate winners and losers. We want all to win. But to do that costs will increase while services decrease. Someone has to pay. In 5 years we won't have it figured out. Eventually the focus on rare conditions will over burden the system with costs to the point where the common folk are no longer willing to pay 30%, 40%, half or more of their earnings to pay into a healthcare system built to care for others and does not meet their needs. 

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