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5 Ways to Reframe a "Rainy Day"

Rain is good. Whatever society did to program children to think that rainy days are "sad" or "boring" or "bad" is ridiculous. Rain = life.


    1. Rain = Life

    Without rain, things don't grow. Without rain, life stands still. Food dies on the vine. Grass and brush disintegrate. Erosion is imminent (when it rains again). Death takes hold.

    Water falling from the sky is a gift from the Earth.

    2. Getting Wet is Totally Okay

    Who says getting wet is bad? I know it might be uncomfortable or it could be a nuisance if you're expected to be dressed up and appear in front of a crowd. Other than that, what's the problem?

    People who complain about the rain are the least prepared for it.

    1) Umbrella

    2) Overcoat/rain jacket

    3) Spare clothes in your car

    4) Rubbers, slickers or dress shoe covers (this one is old school, but I used to see so many overpaid Wall Street guys with totally destroyed $750 wingtips in NYC that I wondered how their fathers and/or cobblers failed them so...)

    5) Change of shoes + day bag

    It's easy to bitch. It takes a little energy to be prepared.

    3. So, You Stay Inside for a Day. Do inside stuff.

    But don't cry about it! You were going to do this stuff anyway if the sun was out, so don't lie to yourself. Now, you have permission to do those inside things without wondering if you should have cut the grass or climbed a mountain.

    Read the book, play the game, write the story, watch the movie.

    4. Without Clouds and Darkness, the Light Has no Meaning

    Such a zen statement. It's true. If the sun shines 100% of the time, you don't notice how brilliant the sun on your face feels. You need some clouds to compare that feeling with.

    5. It's the best Nap Weather

    Gentle raindrops on a cool, dim fall afternoon provide the perfect backdrop for a power nap. Heck, it's a great time to just recharge for a day. You don't need to be going 120% all the time. You need the recovery once in a while.

    Just remember to wake up and get to work when you're fully recharged.

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