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6 acts done while being president of central bank during pandemic.

Country Wealth = Individual Wealth + Total Corporation Wealth + Wealth in stock(perceived wealth) + public Real estate wealth + Commodity wealth (gold/minerals etc.) - Country debt.

Individual Wealth = money + housing + stocks + gold.

People were in home, economy was closed. Primary thing was to keep people alive, occupied and providing small funds/necessities.

    1. Borrowing from market(individuals, corporation) by issuing them bond at lower interest rate for 4 years period.

    2. Allow local crypto-token circulation, which would incentivize and supports local spending.

    3. Selling underutilized roads/institutions to generate tax from market.

    4. Buying necessity items from source and selling through public distribution shop.

    This was done in India and is a popular mechanism to give out wheat, rice to marginalized section.

    5. Buying low cost core sector stocks from stock market during pandemic and selling them to raise money when they would be at higher price.

    6. Providing tax incentive to all companies for selling essential items at lower price so that people can buy them with lesser money.

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