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♈ 6 Things About Aries

Drew a blank about what to write about, and the last writing advice I got was in highschool, which was "write what you know".. which was basically nothing as a fairly sheltered low-income asian-canadian, so I just stuck to nonsense fantasy.

So you are going to get astrology in the form of me listing traits of characters from my nonsense fantasy stories.

At least twelve lists. :)
♈ 6 Things About Aries

    1. Passionate

    Even the little things, it's easy to become passionate about it. Likes become loves. Annoyances lead to rages. Agreements are bloodpacts.

    Not everyone is going to be able to keep up with this enthusiasm.

    2. Fickle

    Despite those bright fires of passion, it doesn't burn long before jumping its attentions elsewhere. A fire starter, but not usually a fire finisher.

    Finding a way to refocus attention to where it matters or at least in the vacinity would help with reaching goals.

    3. Rash

    A little rash, a little reckless, a little too little thought before tackling a task or talking out one's tush. It's the need to be seen, heard, and counted proactively in case someone thinks they can speak in their place.

    Sometimes claiming a stake before having all the information or logistics lined up leads to losing ground and being labelled as just a boat-rocker and noise-maker.

    4. Individualistic

    Often wild and free-spirited, letting desires and whims fuel their direction. While it's not uncommon to be a mercenary or gun-for-hire, it's also not uncommon to go competely off-script and march to the beat of the drum inside.

    Being so untameable can make it hard to be accepted into the flock with all its benefits, but integrity and freedom are on the line.

    5. Ambitious

    Challenges are exciting and obstacles are meant to be conquered, right? There's so much one can do and attain with enough willpower and determination! If it means having to take the lead or being the first to take that step, then so be it.

    It's inspiring but can also be intimidating or downright savage if the obstacles happen to be other people.

    6. Heroic

    Courageous and often willing to go to bat for those lacking the same gumption. This earns loyalty and respect from others, even if it means taking the brunt of the consequences and risks. Not that it isn't also exciting to!

    Being the hero means fighting villains and making enemies, sometimes out of people who shouldn't be enemies in the first place.
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