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♉ 6 Things About Taurus

After Aries being the sign marking the beginning of spring, here we head into Taurus, a fixed sign that marks the height of the season.

♉ 6 Things About Taurus

    1. Indulgent

    Enjoys the comforts that life has to offer when it offers them. The pleasures and beauty of life, big or small, should be savored because who knows when the next time they will be available.

    Is it ever enough? Can one enjoy something a little too much and too often? Or become so attached to rewards and pleasures that they lose their very value? Maybe remember to smell the roses and not suffocate in them.

    2. Patient

    Maybe things take a while to come into fruition, but that's how life goes and every thing has its season. You just have to put in the work and the time and trust that it will be what you need. And if not, do it some more until it is enough!

    This can look like dragging of feet and plodding along, even look like laziness, when some things just take time. Just make sure that it is a reasonable amount of time and energy, because one's life and the lives of others aren't infinite.

    3. Industrious

    Hard-working when there is hard work to do, a strength of character and constitution that carries through from beginning to end that may seem like a rare feat to others nowadays.

    Many times the hardest workers end up being the most overburdened because there is an assumption that all that hard work can't be THAT hard if someone can actually complete it all the way through, and so more just gets mounted on until it all collapses. Don't forget to share and partition the load.

    4. Dutiful

    Dedicated and loyal to the cause or even the routine. There is an ascetic zen to knowing how things are, should be, and can be as long as there is someone to keep their word and do what must be done. An internalized code of honor guides and keeps the hand steady, even through hardship and opposition.

    Sometimes it doesn't seem like there is much of a choice to make about how to do things, but one needs to think about whether there are higher codes and duties than what is most obvious. Is there truly dishonor in not performing duties dedicated to one's own destruction?

    5. Pragmatic

    Responsible but also realistic about how things can be attained. While others may chase sparkling lights or slippery shadows with gusto, it makes sense to remember there are many steps to take, and that one needs to arrive in one piece in the first place. In fact, it's better to make sure those places and things exist or can exist at all before resources and energy go to waste for naught.

    Does anyone really enjoy being known as a dream killer when all they are trying to do is make the dream possible and not something to regret? It can be a difficult title to bear, especially when one's own dreams and imagination are assumed nonexistent.

    6. Rigid

    Known for being stubborn, unflinching, or even cold to the pleas and wailings of others when a decision has been made and the mind is set. A constellation of ambition, mood, energy, resources, logistics, and history coalesced to come to this point, so what can others truly do to realign the stars?

    Things that are so stable and rigid are often also used to hold the most burdens. Be wary that becoming an obstacle to others signals a challenge to conquer and break said obstacle, and when mountains do break, sometimes they explode and endanger everyone.

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