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6 things I don't understand

Good prompt from @lovingkindnesscomedy. Some of these will be harsh.

    1. Why people spend so much time playing video games

    2. Why so many people choose to let themselves be victims

    It is up to use to prevent/solve our own problems.

    3. Why people don't take better care of themselves

    We learn as children that we need to exercise yet very few people exercise sufficiently. We learn as children not to eat too much sugar yet most of us eat way too much sugar. No one want to be in pain or sick or taking a lot of medications or unable to do they enjoy but we don't really do anything about it. See number 5

    4. Why people are not more skeptical

    The world has become more complex and the government's ability to navigate has deteriorated so badly that its incompetence is killing us. Things like statins, the food pyramid and Covid vaccines (sorry but if you can't even acknowledge there might be a problem, which is a lot of people, then you are exactly who I am talking about.

    5. Why people settle

    Too many people live uninteresting or unmeaningful lives, break that mold. Get curious, learn things help others, we only get one shot.

    6. Why people watch programs like The Masked Singer or America's Got Talent

    There are so many of these shows that they must be popular but it is such mindless bread and circuses, I do not get it.

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