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8 Reasons I Gave up Alcohol, as a Triathlete

I am a triathlete, and in March 2021, I stopped drinking alcohol completely.

    1. Alcohol is just empty calories

    The calories in alcohol do not contribute nutritionally to your diet - only add to it with no benefit

    2. Alcohol is no good for early-morning training sessions

    It makes it harder to wake up in the morning especially if you're hung over.

    3. Alcohol increases recovery time from training

    As a triathlete, I need to be able to recover quickly from training in order to be race-ready. Alcohol slows down the recovery process.

    4. Alcohol is a diuretic, causing dehydration

    As a triathlete, staying hydrated is crucial, and alcohol dehydrates the body. It may even flush electrolytes from your system, which we need.

    5. I need to be sharp for competition

    Drinking alcohol dulls the senses and impairs reflexes and coordination, which are all important for triathlon competition.

    6. Alcohol can weaken bones

    Bones are constantly rebuilding themselves, and alcohol consumption can interfere with this process, leading to weaker bones over time.

    7. I want to model healthy behavior for others

    As a triathlete, I want to set a good example for others, including kids and other athletes by living a healthy lifestyle that doesn't include drinking alcohol.

    8. Avoiding alcohol has helped me have more early nights

    Not drinking has kept me from staying out late as much.

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