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A question that has the power to facilitate all your daily decisions...

Decision rhyme with analysis and consequences.

But why do we so often end up doing nothing?

    1. It seems safer.

    I stay in my comfort zone, I limit my risks.

    But that's missing an essential element.

    2. The cost of indecision.

    "What does it cost me to do nothing? "

    For small decisions, energy, time, and it takes up bandwidth in my brain.

    For big decisions, the consequences can be much heavier. Staying in a job that frustrates me, not living my dreams...

    3. "What if there was no wrong decision?".

    Have you ever tried this liberating question?

    "What if there was no wrong decision?".

    -Perfection does not exist.

    -In the moment, the present, the only one we live, we have no way of knowing if it's the best one.

    -In the future, neither. Replaying all the other possible scenarios is very difficult.

    4. But the liberating feeling of having made a decision is with you. Whether it's right or wrong.

    Try it.

    -Train yourself to be sharp on easy decisions.

    -Give yourself a time frame to revisit your hard decisions. I let it sit for 48 hours and then come back to it.

    5. Deciding is in you

    It is a mix of your analytical skills and your intuition. Develop your ability to use it. It is a muscle. You have the chance to train and improve every day.

    Taking control of it provides a lot of energy.

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