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Accelerated Learning Starts with These 3 Foods.

3 foods to boost neuroplasticity aka change in response to experience.


Many people don’t think about the fact that this essential process of human experience - learning, adaptation, forming memories, it depends on our nutrition just like running depends on available fuel.

You can read all day long but if your brain doesn’t have the tools to “wire” the learnings, if your brain doesn’t have “the bricks” to build the cathedral of knowledge - there’s no way you’ll be learning well. It’s like trying to make coffee without water in a coffee maker - I tried it once, didn’t work 😊

Here 3 foods that people don’t think of as “learning essentials” and yet they are! Miss one - and your brain shrinks, miss two and the process of learning can’t even start, the third one is an accelerator, Nobel laureates favorite! Let’s dig in!

    1. 🐟FATTY FISH

    Why fatty fish?

    The main component that we need for learning - Omega-3 fats found in fish.

    In kids, the lack of these delays development, it even starts in the womb. And eating more of them - gives your kid the bigger chance to grow up as a genius.

    In adults, learning is slowed down but hopefully not finished!

    You need to learn but you also need to eat MARINE omega 3s in sufficient amounts (2 grams daily) to make sure all your learning experience doesn’t go to waste and your brain has all the building blocks to build the infrastructure of long-lasting new neural connections.

    How much do you need to eat? Depending on the fish - salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel - 100-150g a day.

    2. 🥚🥚🥚EGGS

    What's in the egg?

    Egg yolks to be more specific. Another equally great source is liver. All other foods - distant cousins.

    Choline. That’s what we need eggs for.

    In the brain, choline is made into acetylcholine, absolutely essential for focus, attention and forming memories. It’s also essential for neuroplasticity, the ability of our brain to change in response to new experiences. Without acetylcholine you’ll be that proverbial “old dog that doesn’t learn new tricks”.

    Sources of choline, as you could imagine, are important to prevent memory loss, cognitive decline with age, and yes indeed, choline in supplements is prescribed for Alzheimer’s and similar conditions.

    What a powerful egg!

    Eat 3 a day or/and supplement!


    This is your learning accelerator!

    Beloved by the smartest countries in the world, this is a true treat for the learning brain!

    Compounds in dark chocolate boost memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain.

    The peak action time seems to last for 2-3 hours but overall positive effect on brain health and performance has lasting effects with regular consumption.

    I eat 30g of dark 100% chocolate every day. It’s recommended to eat 20-30g of 85% and higher dark chocolate to get the mentioned above effects.

    Chocolate also happens to stimulate brain chemicals that flood the brain during flow-state experience where we learn and perform so much better! Some sources say 5x or 500% better!

    In this article, I write about brain chemistry and chocolate. "Want to Improve Your Creativity and Focus? Try Eating Chocolate for Breakfast"

    📚Do you call yourself a learning junkie? Don’t skip these foods daily! I read 1/2 a book a day and learn languages and acquire skills so easily! A huge part of it - my meal plan.

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