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After you retire, 10 ways to unretire or, Unretirement Planning

I recently retired and moved to Florida. While doing all those retirement things people talk about, and enjoying many of them, I find the implied (and marketed) finality of retirement feels like sitting around and waiting for death to make its appearance. The daily junk mail is about hearing aids, retirement homes, and the cremation option.

But I’m not ready for that Final Waiting Room called retirement. I miss many of the normal everyday things called “life.”

Thus, my list in preparation for unretirement.

    1. Get a job

    Part-time and work-at-home are real possibilities now

    2. Do volunteer work

    3. Wake up at 6 AM every day, well maybe 7 AM, and work out or go for a walk, then sit down to write for a few hours

    4. Do not check “Retired” on lists and forms

    Better yet, strike the word from my vocabulary

    5. Market (submit) my writings

    6. Start marketing/selling my paintings

    7. Order business cards that show my interests

    8. Seriously update and maintain my LinkedIn account

    9. Get back to Twitter, but don’t waste time on it

    10. Network, by renewing acquaintances

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