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Albums From the 80s to listen to with Fresh Ears

sometimes when things are happening we don't realize how innovative they are. Many of these albums are the tip of the iceberg to great catalogs for these bands. Give them a try!

    1. Ride the Lightning - Metallica 1984

    The opening track of Fight Fire with Fire blew a lot of minds including mine: blending classical sounds with metal's power and punk's speed. Influenced everything that followed.

    2. B52s (self titled) 1979

    Had the hit Rock Lobster. A great album. huge hit song. Hard to appreciate how WEIRD that song is ! The rest of the album is great. If you listen with a good stereo or with a subwoofer notice how few notes are played on the bass!

    3. Rising Force Yngwie Malmsteen 1984

    Started the wave of virtuosic rock guitar for the next decade

    4. The Cars Greatest Hits - 1985

    These songs are really well done. Recently I was reading an article that pointed out how good they were and how unique their sound was. They combined pop, synths, rockabilly and a little punk.

    5. Freedom of Choice - Devo 1980

    This is the album with "Whip It." Mark Mothersbaugh went on to be a major composer including the Rugrats show, Lego Movie and dozens of other credits

    6. Ace of Spades - Motorhead 1980

    great album: influenced many. Catch their performance on the Young Ones TV show!

    7. Plastic Surgery Disasters - Dead Kennedys 1982

    A great album with excellent recording, interesting and intelligible lyrics, great musicianship and tight songwriting. One of my "desert island" albums!

    8. Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar - Frank Zappa 1981

    Great instrumentals from Frank Zappa. His lyrics can be off-putting so this can be a good introduction to the music: it is great.

    9. Reign in Blood - Slayer 1986

    Produced by Rick Rubin who has worked with dozens of artists including Kendrick Lamar.Considered by many (some? Just me?) to be "perfect:" you can't add or subtract a single note including the bizarre and hard to transcribe guitar solos.

    10. Three of a Perfect Pair - King Crimson 1984

    The band has gone through many lineups in their 5 + decade career: this is one of the best.

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