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Apps in my "Mind" Folder

    1. Dadditude

    A community based app for fathers. For while I used their weekly 'check-in' feature to monitor my mood and mental health.

    2. StressScan

    Uses the camera to detect skin surface changes and measure heart-rate variability. Assesses stress level according to that metric.

    3. myAir

    A companion app to my Sleep Apnea preventing CPAP machine.

    4. Grace Space Hypnosis

    Grace Smith used to offer self-hypnosis tracks through a store, then she switched to an over-priced (IMO) subscription model. I haven't used this app in a few years, but I keep it in case there's some kind of sale, or change or accessing my account becomes important later.

    5. Brainwaves

    Puts 2 different frequencies in each ear (you need headphones to benefit from this) to stimulate different brain wave patterns. Can be good to focus on work or relax.

    6. Joseph Clough Hypnosis

    Another hypnotherapist with a selection of tracks for different moods.

    7. WHM

    Tools to assist with breathing exercises and other elements of the Wim Hof Method.

    8. NotePD

    The app for this site.

    9. Tapping Solution

    I've used tapping or EFT in the past for anger management. I haven't played with this app much, and I think it's actually subscription ($) based.

    10. Forest

    A gamification of putting down your phone. You start a timer and if you can go the full duration, you successfully plant a virtual tree in a virtual forest.

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