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Are There Things You Wished You Liked But You Don’t?

H/T @annbeaudet

Since you asked...

    1. Broadway in NYC

    I love the musicals, the plays, etc. but I would rather see them anywhere else but Broadway

    2. Home Repairs

    I'm not sure if I don't like it because I'm not good at it, or if it is the other way around.

    3. Housework

    While I certainly don't mind it, it would go so much faster if I actually enjoyed it. I hear some people do.

    4. Most people

    I may be the most gregarious and friendly introvert you ever meet BUT for the most part while I like meeting people, I rarely spend a lot of time actually hanging out with them.

    5. Parties

    Same as above. These seem like a good idea and most people enjoy them, but I can't.

    6. Meetings

    Usually seems like a big waste of time to me. Does anyone actually enjoy meetings?

    7. Spectator sports

    Some people are true fanatics with sports. And they always seem to find others like themselves. And they always want to bring more members into their tribe. But not for me.

    8. Exercise

    If I liked it, I'd would be more likely to do it more.

    9. Where I live

    I know that within the next 4-7 years my family and I will be pulling up stakes and moving to greener (or at least different) pastures. Pretty sure no one likes moving. If only I liked it here enough to stay.

    10. Coffee

    It seems everybody is part of the coffee culture. What's your favorite blend? Dunkin or Starbucks? How do you take your coffee? On the rare social occasion where I can't get out of it I will politely accept a simple cup of coffee with cream and sugar. I will drink it out of politeness to the host or the one offering. But other than that. I can't stand the taste. But it does SMELL good.

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