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Areas of My Life to Which I Should Apply An Abundance Mindset

    1. Time

    I always find time to doom-scroll social media and/or play games on my phone, so I do have an abundance of time and I don't need to feel hurried. There is enough time to accomplish much in a day.

    2. Money

    I've never gone hungry or lost my home. I have enough to be comfortable and have fun.

    3. Health

    I have all 5 senses and can breathe, eat and move my body. My body is a gift.

    4. Friends

    I've had friends come visit me in my new home, and there are probably more to come. My friends will take my calls if I reach out, and I'm warm, easy-going and nice enough to make new friends if I try.

    5. Love

    I have a loving wife and 2 beautiful children who can't get enough of me. My mother, in-laws, brother and extended family would all admit to loving me if asked.

    6. Knowledge

    I have nearly 50 years of learning behind me and many more to come. I am interesting because I am interested. I have a lot of diversity in the subjects I know something about. I know a little bit about a lot of things.

    7. Fun

    Every day gives me something to laugh and/or smile about. I know how to keep myself entertained and I find the time for breaks and leisure.

    8. Peace and Quiet

    I have an infinite well of peace from which to draw (I use this as an affirmation during self-hypnosis/meditation). There are plenty of quiet times throughout my day and I have the means to access more quiet by closing doors or windows and using noise-cancelling headphones or the white noise machine.

    9. Energy

    I get enough calories during the day and get nightly sleep of some quality. I have enough energy to complete many tasks of great variety during the day, and the more I do, the more energy I will end up having in the future.

    10. Change of Scenery

    I get around more than the Beach Boys.

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