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Bass Players Who (Still) Blow My Mind

Bass players who inspire me to strive to be unforgetable, powerful and harmonious in not only music but in all things I create!

    1. John Entwhistle - The OX

    Blend of power and melody - devastating bi-amped volume. They didn't call him Thunderfingers for nothing!

    Favorite Song = Sparks (maybe Baba O'Riley)

    2. George Porter

    Funk with no flash! He's the Booty Shaking Voodoo Priest of the Big Easy.

    Favorite Song = Cissy Strut

    3. Pino Palladino

    Melodic and truly unique voice! Fretless genius.

    Favorite Song = Everytime You Go Away (Paul Young)

    4. Geddy Lee

    Pound for pound best musician on the planet.

    Favorite Song = Circumstances

    5. Chuck Rainey

    Steely Dan's Aja album is the first LP of my life soundtrack.

    Favorite Song = Josie

    6. Jaco Pastorious

    Genius composer, master player and the musician that changed the place on the stage for any modern bass player.

    Favorite Song(s) = Come On, Come Over (and Donna Lee)

    7. Paul McCartney

    Obligatory but true

    Favorite Song(s) = Come Together (maybe - I Dig a Pony)

    8. James Jamerson

    The most ripped off bass player of all time.

    Favorite Song = What's Going On (Marvin Gaye)

    9. Lee Sklar

    I don't think a rock star's solo album from 1970-1995 did not have this melodic genius on the record. Has been on over 2400 recorded tracks!

    Favorite Song = Doctor My Eyes (Jackson Browne) & his live work w/ Phil Collins (1980-82) is sublime

    10. Prakash John

    From Parliament to Alice Cooper, what couldn't this 4 string monster play. His work on Rock n Roll Animal (Lou Reed) is a tour de force.

    Favorite Song = Side 1 of Rock n Roll Animal (Lou Reed)

    11. Alphonso Johnson

    I couldn't leave this genius out. This man can play any chart and style and always in his own voice. His work on Phil Collin's About Face (1980) is inspired and gorgeous.

    Favorite Song = Behind The Lines

    12. Steve Harris

    The Galloping Bass Beast of Iron Maiden. No body brings the power LIVE like Mr. Harris.

    Favorite Song = The Trooper

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