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Become a distance hiker (and the best places to go)

H/T @sailormac

Some of these I've done sections of. Others are still on my bucket list.

    1. Appalachian Trail

    Perhaps the most famous, but most of the trail is actually not that difficult. It's not easy but.......

    2. Pacific Crest Trail.

    The west coast equivalent to the AT. Takes more planning though.

    3. Darien Gap

    Remote, wild, and dangerous.

    4. Arctic Circle Trail

    Recently learned about this 100 mi trail in Greenland. Sounds spectacular

    5. Camino de Santiago

    This one is as much an idea as a trail. There are many options as to route, gear carried, accommodations, etc. Usually not as physically taxing as some others.

    6. Hadrian's Wall Path

    7. The Great Wall

    Almost no one can honestly claim to have hiked the entire length but that is hardly the point.

    8. Chilkoot Trail

    Experience parts of Alaska and British Columbia as you trace the route of the Klondike gold rush.

    9. Great American Rail Trail

    Still a work in progress. But a worthy cause to allow even more people to enjoy the outdoors and reconnect.

    10. American Discovery Trail

    Longer than either the PCT or the AT but far fewer people know of it or attempt it.

    11. Don't forget to look around.

    There are great trails to hike and things to explore no matter where you are. Make sure your gaze is not just on the horizon but also on what's right in front of you.

    12. HYOH

    Hike Your Own Hike. Everyone has opinions, judgements, and advice. Use what works for you and feel free to discard the rest.

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