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Best band's I've seen live

Easy list for today 

    1. Suburban Legends

    Ska, Disney and dancing.  Always put on a great show.  I remember first hearing them play 'under the sea'. Whole crowd went crazy.

    2. Bandits of the acustic revolution

    I saw them in LA in 2019.  A full orchestra playing some of my favourite songs.loved it.

    3. Descendants

    I saw them in Beijing.  One of my favourite bands.  Got to talk to most of the band.  I staged dived as well.

    4. Reel Big Fish

    Seen them multiple times.  Always full of energy and fun.

    5. Twenty one pilots

    I was doing security at some festival.  First band to play.backflips off pianos.great show.  Best band of the festival.  

    * I also saw the worst band ever.  The headliner -elbow.  Useless.

    6. Can't remember the name

    Again a band that played whilst I was doing security.  Very odd sounds.  A Dr who symphasizer an obo an old guy that 'sang' 'ahhwoo oohh wwooo ' for every 'song'

    The best part.  Everyone stopped playing.  The singer sat down.untied his shoe.  Took off his sock.stood up, then started to swing it round his head.  Sat back down, put sock and shoe on, then continued like nothing happened.

    I asked their groupies what just happened.  They replied 'its a political statement ' then walked away.

    I still have no clue what happened.

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