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Best/Worst Bullet Journal Spreads

    1. WORST: Stamped Habit Trackers

    Using a stamp to create a fancy design to track habits looks cool, but the aesthetics tend to get in the way of the functional part of being able to read and interpret the data.

    2. WORST: Exercise Tracking

    It's hard to design something that is as rich in data and accommodates extra notes and numbers the way even the most average app or spreadsheet can.

    3. BEST: Back Index

    Rather than adding important new spreads/pages at random intervals and marking the appropriate page in the index, I often put reference spreads in the back of the notebook. I number the pages backward - B1 is the last page, B2 is the second last. Having a separate index for these pages makes them easy to organize.

    4. BEST: Coloured Life Wheel

    Life Wheels are used to evaluate how much balance exists in your life and to examine if all your priorities are being met. Most people fill one out and the areas are graphed by radial distance. I opted to use a colour code for what rating I gave each area. That way more than one time period (week, month) could fit on one wheel and I could better see improvement (or decline).

    5. WORST: Day Map

    I charted out the hours of the day on the vertical axis and on the horizontal I made a grid for different priorities to try and see where I *had* to perform work tasks or errands (e.g. pick up kids) ;and where there could be room for other priorities. I never used it and it changed nothing.

    6. WORST: Word of the Year - Intention Settring

    Waste of a page - what's the point? Journaling isn't magic.

    7. BEST: Spread of Spreads

    The pre-cursor to the Ideal List of Idea Lists. Just a place to list what you want to get out of your next Bullet Journal.

    8. BEST: Family Core Values

    Writing down what was important to our family in terms of values and what we needed to get out of life was fundamental in deciding whether we wanted to move or not.

    9. WORST: Personality Test Matrix

    I took my strengths (according to Strengths Finder) and cross-referenced them against favourite/best areas of activity according to a personality test (EVO Planner says I'm an Alchemist) and tried to find things I spend time on that combine one of each dimension. It was interesting but didn't really make any impact on my life.

    10. BEST: Greatest Hits

    I simply created an index of daily logs where something great or extraordinary occurred.

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