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Blog While Learning Things

Confession: I'm addicted to learning. My first idea list was about my varied interests, and that was just the tip of the iceberg! I love to learn and try new things, and this list is about how to turn my addiction into a blog. This is more of a To-Do List than an Idea List...one idea with several steps.

    1. Read, watch a video, take a class...and take notes

    Dive into your topic and start learning.

    2. Do Exercises and Experiments...and take notes

    The best part of learning is doing.

    3. Turn your notes into articles

    Whatever you're trying to learn can be broken down into separate topics...microskills. Create articles around the exercises and experiments pertaining to these skills. Summarize the educational content, and how it helped you with the exercise/experiment.

    4. Interview experts, or ask them to contribute an article

    This could be a chance to fill in any gaps in your learning. Ask them to read your articles beforehand, and grade your learning experience.

    5. Monetize with ads or sponsors

    Earn while you learn!

    6. Summary: Low Risk, High Reward

    The best way to learn something is to write about it or teach others. This could turn into a source of income, but at the very least it will be a tool for learning.

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