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Books I could make

Friend gave me this challenge. 

Books I could make

    1. Biases and how to use them

    I've got a lot of notes on psychological biases. I think that a book full of them and how to use them to your advantage would be useful. 

    Eg. Talk to the animal mind. The animal mind knows Fight or flight, us them, right /wrong. Use words/phrases that talk to this part of the brain and you're far more likely to move and persuade people. Look at the words /phrases used in news articles and how they persuade. 

    Are you going to let them beat us?

    We can't let them destroy X

    He's literally Hitler. Can we trust him? 

    Look up more and add your own examples. The more in tune you are the better you will be. 

    2. Popeman

    I've already written the first draft. I think a comic would be fun. If this works it could it could kick off a series. 

    Full draft - https://notepd.com/idea/popeman-and-choirboy-full-story-bz22h 

    3. Colouring book

    I could draw up some fun designs and compile them into a colouring book. I could also use these designs for prints on multiple items that I could sell. 

    How would I make my book /prints stand out? I could base them around one of my interests. Happiness, stoicism, quotes, jokes, knowledge. 

    4. Junkieman

    Another superhero idea I had. Much longer story than Popeman. It's about a smart kid that's stuck in a dead end job, in a dead end city with no way out. After a tough day at work he comes home to find his best friend has died. Cut to the end of the funeral. He starts talking to people. He comes across a rasta looking guy with a long coat who encourages him to go to a wake in the woods later. That's where he finds out his friend wasn't a loser. He was a superhero. He fought monsters were blind to and with his passing, someone new has to take his place. 

    The story is basically about taking drugs that makes him able to see and fight monsters, but everyone else just sees a junkie, wasting his life away. 

    5. The Rocco Effect - Set 3

    I've already got a rough drafts up till about set 5.  Would other books sell better though? I also want to release a set of just the comics, I'll need to redo all of them and check spelling /grammar. Maybe that's a better place to start. 

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