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Bored? You don't need a new job. Instead, try this...

Feed your intellectual curiosity by learning something new.

Some ideas to help you.

    1. What do I want to learn?

    Take a blank sheet of paper (or your journal) and write down everything that comes to mind. Choose what excites you most.

    2. How can I learn it?

    Ask your best friend "Google." And select the content that suits you.

    3. Who can help me?

    Find people who have already done it and can help you save time. Linkedin is a great place to start.

    4. Why learn something new?

    Learning has the power to energize you. It takes you from stagnation to creation.
    -Life: By taking an interest in personal development, I’ve learned to live with more intention.

    -Career: Every skill you learn opens you up to many micro-skills. Sales, for example, taught me communication, psychology, influence, listening, organization, marketing, interview, empathy, etc.

    -Personal finance: By studying this subject, I became financially independent.

    5. If you don't find anything that sparks your intellectual curiosity in your job (which I doubt), then change. Otherwise...

    6. To have fun again, don't run away from your job, instead, find something to learn.

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