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Brainsparker 2022-08-26

I am late today, in sitting down to write.

... shuffling cards...

    1. look from above

    This reminds me of the Stoic meditation practice called View From Above. It reminds us that we are one small part of the world. I found this to be different from many meditation practices.

    2. 10 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About XYZ

    Things I learned about maintaining a pool. 1. Chemicals have to be balanced not for the water, but for the heater. 2. Filter pressure gauges seem to fail once a year over the winter. 3. Too much chlorine can ruin an expensive solar cover. 4. Don't calculate how much it costs you to get in the pool, on average, over the summer. 5. Having new pool water trucked in is pretty cheap (relative to #4). 6. "Robot" pool cleaners don't work well for odd shaped pools. They are not like Roombas. 7. Don't have grass that requires mowing around the pool. 8. Mice like to nest in a heater during the winter months to stay out of the cold. Then they eat through the electrical wiring. 9. I figured out that the filter needs to be cleaned when the return jets aren't working. 10. Wanting is better than having.

    3. inspired

    I am not very inspired today. I am waiting to finish the job on Wednesday and then get to work on the books.

    4. what was the spark for your latest creative work?

    I have not had a creative work in a long time. I have two that are coming (see 3). The spark is retirement, but I suspect I will be busy.

    5. what if today was the turning point of all that is to come?

    Today is not the turning point. Next Wednesday is the turning point. It really is.

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