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Build your ideal 10-stop travel itinerary

And another one!


    1. Istanbul

    From wherever I am (right now I'm in Italy), I could start in Istanbul, which in some ways feels like it's the capital of the world.

    2. Yerevan

    What a bold move! While the land border between Turkey and Armenia has been closed since 1993, there are flights between the two capitals (according to my Armenian friend, these started only recently, but I'm not sure).

    3. Esfahan

    Let's cross the small Armenian-Iranian border and travel to Esfahan! I went to Iran in 2013, but only Tehran. Since I'd love to go back and see more of the country, let's pick this city.

    Okay, now we haven't traveled a very long distance, considering we only get to have ten stops. So where to now? I don't know if ther

    4. Singapore

    I would see what this is all about, and from there...

    5. Papua New Guinea

    Preferably by boat.

    6. Nauru

    Also by boat! The third smallest country, and it happens to have the highest rate of obesity. The history of Nauru is interesting and quite sad.

    7. Easter Island

    8. Galapagos islands

    9. St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

    10. Dodoma, Tanzania

    I guess I'd have to fly to the capital, but I'd be more interested in the nature, such as Kilimanjaro.

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