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Businesses you could start today (or tomorrow)

Per usual, ideas vary greatly in quality. 

    1. Waste Consulting

    Offer to help a small to mid sized business  identify points of waste (ex unnecessary printing, travel, energy use ect ). Offer your services for free to a company or two. Sell them the idea of being able to quantify the impact and use it for marketing materials. Highlight that it can help them win new customers and potentially lower their cost of raising outside capital. 

    Use those two clients to win other clients to pay you for this world. 

    As you collect data on more companies, you can sell it (with permission) to even more companies to help them benchmark their performance. 

    2. YouTube (passive)

    Find nice music that isn't copyrighted and put it on YouTube with a striking static image in the background and use all kinds of popular search terms in the title. This can be done in less than 30 minutes and earn you passive income for life. 

    3. Sex Toys

    Create a Shopify page that drop ships sex toys. Reach out to popular onylfans accounts and offer them affiliate marketing fees for linking your site. 

    4. Pressure Washing

    Create business cards and knock on doors offering a "too good to pass up" price for pressure washing deals "while your company is in the neighborhood" doing work for other clients. Rent a pressure washer (or buy one) from the hardware store and complete the jobs. You can even hire gig workers to help do the jobs if you can drum up sales. 

    Heck, you can even hire sales people and pay them on a commission only basis. 

    5. Dog Walking

    Use the same tactic as above and hire employees as demand begins to exceed your own capacity. This can easily be a six-figure business if you are reliable. 

    6. Write a book of book summaries

    See "what the Fortune 500 read" for an example. Call corporate HR departments and get them to include them in employee onboarding packages. Or, find a company that sells corporate gift packages and cut them a bulk deal for physical copies. 

    7. Up-cycle Materials

    Find a company that has unique waste and offer to take it offsite for free if you can keep it(or offer a small payment). Create a cool project from it and sell on Etsy. 

    Need an idea? The premium tequila brand Clase Azul sells in all the too nightclubs in the US and comes in hand painted decanters from Mexico. Offer $5 for each ones and it into a lamp for $5 in parts. Sell it for $75

    8. eBay arbitrage

    Go to garage and estate sales and look up items in real time on eBay. Make low cash offers and instantly list from your smart phone. 

    Hopeuflly you have some room in the basement. 

    9. Cook for the neighborhood

    Find some busy neighbors who want homecooked meals and charge a reasonable rate for essentially just upsizing your recipes and packing some containers. 

    Confession: I don't cook. 

    10. Create a wine/beer/whiskey club

    Curate monthly packages to sell to those with less time or knowledge. The more value you can provide supplemental information and bulk discounts the better. It may be difficult to get customers at first but this is a low effort business to greenfield locally and grow slowly. 

    11. Sell pictures of your feet

    JK, please don't. 

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