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Choose a topic you love and write 10 ideas about it


Choose a topic you love and write 10 ideas about it

    1. Boxing is the ultimate in accountability

    In team sports, there are plenty of individuals/groups that share in the blame when you lose. In boxing, when you come up short, there's no one you can pin the blame on other than yourself (outside of maybe your trainer, but as the boxer, you hired the trainer. So even then, you can't escape accountability). Was your training program intense enough? Was your nutrition good?

    2. Boxing requires intense commitment

    Before you get in the ring, you'll have to go through rigorous training that will test your limits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will have to mold your body and mind into tip-top shape before you even consider stepping in the ring with a live opponent.

    3. Boxers are courageous

    When you step in the ring, you're risking your health and possibly your life. Most people would never consider putting themselves in this kind of danger. Very few people have the courage to truly test themselves by entering the ring with an opponent who wants to knock them out.

    4. The top boxers have huge followings

    Many boxers have entire nations in their corner, rooting for them to win. When Manny Pacquiao fought, the Philippines would shut down and tune into his fights, living and dying with every jab, right cross and uppercut. When Canelo Alvarez fights, millions of Mexicans have watch parties.

    5. Boxing is a huge stress reliever

    Pounding a heavy bag is a great, healthy way to relieve stress.

    6. Boxing is great cardio

    Take a stab at any boxing exercise and you'll be sweating and giving your ticker a great workout in no time.

    7. Boxing will increase your confidence

    When you know how to defend yourself, you'll be more confident the next time someone challenges you in New York City. Always be prepared. Jordan Peterson had a great quote: "Be a dangerous human, but keep it under control." Meaning....don't go around sucker punching innocent people, but be ready to defend yourself in case you're put in a situation where you need to.

    8. The energy right before a mega-fight is electric

    I've never been to a mega-fight, but everyone I know who has has told me that they've never experienced the energy in the moments leading up to the opening bell of a mega fight anywhere else. If you listen to an introduction by Michael Buffer and don't get chills, you should check your pulse!

    9. The ring walks

    When done right, you can't help but watch ring walks and get caught up in the moment! Tyson Fury's ring walk was one for the ages:

    10. The Knockout

    It's the moment everyone tuning in is waiting for. The savagery. The catharsis. The raw human desire to win. Yes, I realize that the knockout causes real pain and suffering.

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